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Photo of Aysha Emmerson

Aysha Emmerson 🔗

Originally from Victoria, BC, Aysha Emmerson is a junior (third-year) at Harvard College, concentrating in Resilience Studies with minors in Anthropology and French. Passionate about creating opportunities for individuals and communities to support one another in overcoming adversity, she is the co-founder of Co-VID Student Support Network and the Managing Director and Founder of Self.I.E Camps. Aysha is also an Intern at the Partnerships in Education and Resilience (PEAR) Institute, was a Speaker at WE Day Vancouver 2017, and was Zonta International’s Youth Observor to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. In her spare time, Aysha enjoys baking, yoga, playing soccer, and reading feminist theory.

Photo of Jasper Johnston

Jasper Johnston 🔗

Jasper is a recent graduate of Harvard College, where he majored in Strategic Social Behavior with a minor in Ethnicity, Migration, Rights. Raised in Victoria BC, Jasper is passionate about sustainability, public policy, and conflict resolution. Jasper has advised Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, and governments through his roles with NAI Limited and Harvard Undergraduate CBE, and his work on negotiation, psychology, and intergroup relations has been published by the United Nations and World Economic Forum. In his spare time, Jasper enjoys playing the piano, singing, sailing, and photography.

Photo of Katherine Lou

Katherine Lou 🔗

Katherine is a senior (fourth-year) at Harvard College studying Sociology with a minor in Computer Science. She's also a Technology Innovation Fellow at Harvard Business School and Harvard School of Engineering. Katherine seeks to bridge the divide between social scientists and technologists to build solutions that make the world better for all. She is particularly interested in using technology to build community and meaningful human experiences. Away from her laptop, Katherine is the Captain of the Harvard Curling team, serves as an EMT, and enjoys spending time outdoors in her home, Vancouver, Canada.

Photo of Lara Teich

Lara Teich 🔗

Lara Teich is a senior (fourth-year) at Harvard College, where she loves studying Government and minoring in East Asian Studies. Driven by a strong desire to foster global community, Lara is primarily interested in the practice of diplomacy and using creativity to communicate more effectively. Growing up in a small city in southern New Mexico taught her to love the heat of the desert and admire the beauty of peaceful interactions between different cultures. She also loves to curl (on ice), paint, and sing showtunes.

Photo of Rob Walker

Rob Walker 🔗

Rob is a junior (third-year) at Harvard College concentrating in Computer Science. Raised in Toronto, he is passionate about technology and its ability to help solve social problems: he has worked for three start-ups (Hubdoc, HSA Dev, and Enotice) over his gap year and summers, and in Fall 2020 will help teach Harvard’s introductory CS course. For fun, Rob does software development for the Crimson newspaper and plays lead guitar for Extra Extra, a band he co-founded that has opened for Bazzi, Kiara, and Jay Sean. When he’s not coding or playing music, he can be found homebrewing hard cider with his roommate Max or leading hiking trips in the Appalachian Mountains.

Photo of Sophie Webster

Sophie Webster 🔗

Sophie is a senior (fourth-year) at Harvard College studying Integrative Biology with minors in Earth & Planetary Sciences and Spanish. She is passionate about building a sustainable future and optimizing food and energy systems (and she also loves studying plants!). Outside of the classroom or laboratory, she sings a cappella music, writes comedy, and avidly participates in theatre.

Photo of Vicky Xu

Vicky Xu 🔗

Vicky Xu is a recent grad from Harvard College where she studied Applied Math & Economics. She loves thinking about the future of cities, like her home in Toronto, and how to bring people more meaningfully together. She also really likes drawing pictures of food, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and drinking tea.

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